ICF Stands Tall To BEGH Part 9 Codes and Part 9 Structures in Canada

Building Envelope Guide for Houses - Part 9 Residential Construction

Airfoam recently partnered with the Building Officials Association of BC to present a continuing education seminar titled ‘New Resources for Building Code Compliant Part 9 Structures with Insulating Concrete Forms’.  ICF expert Douglas Bennion, Airfoam’s Building Science and Code Compliance Specialist, presented at the BOABC 2022 AGM in Victoria, BC to a crowd of nearly 40 building officials from across BC.  The session was presented on behalf of the Insulating Concrete Forms Manufacturers Association (ICFMA), for which Mr. Bennion chairs the Technical Committee.

The presentation first described the basic contributions of ICF/Concrete construction to the building envelope, from structure to fire resistance to air and moisture resistance. He then went into detail about two new and unique publications that can serve building officials as a “Deemed to Comply” resource for the design and construction of ICF buildings under Part 9 of the BC Building Code.  The first is Revision 2 of the BC Housing ‘Building Envelope Guide for Houses – Part 9’ which now contains a greatly enhanced treatment of ICF home construction, from footings to trusses.  The BEGH is unique in N. America as an authoritative “how-to” guide on ICF construction, resulting from a two-year collaboration of industry experts, design professionals, and building code administrators.

The second resource offered is the “Prescriptive ICF Design for Part 9 Structures in Canada”, a newly minted ICF engineering manual commissioned by the ICFMA.  Bearing engineering stamps for all ten Canadian provinces, this guide is meant to provide easy access to ICF home design for a wide range of users, from builders to Architectural Technologists to Building Officials.

Please contact us for more information on hosting this presentation of building and fire code officials or other construction professionals in your region (virtually or in-person).