Announcing FoamShield™, our new exterior insulation wall assembly

We are very excited to announce the release of Foamshield™, our Perfect Wall exterior insulation technology. FoamShield™ technology is one of the most durable and economical ways to insulate your home, achieving ultra-energy efficiency with cost-effective wood frame construction. Our energy models show that FoamShield™ is ideal for BC Step Codes 3, 4, 5, Net-Zero, IECC & […]

Building a home with ICF? We got the engineering stamps covered!

New Prescriptive ICF Design Guide for Part 9 Buildings in Canada May 15, 2021 Airfoam Industries is pleased to announce the release of its new ICF engineering design guide for Part 9 buildings in Canada.  Quad-Lock branded ICF is part of a cooperative effort to develop engineered, prescriptive design solutions for ICF homes by the […]

Come Join Us – Pacific Agriculture Show 2021

Come join us at the Pacific Agriculture show ‘Virtual Edition’ this Thursday to Saturday January 28th – 30th 2021. Come talk to us about our insulated metal panels for agricultural and farming needs. Want to check it out? Registration is free if you use access code: pas2021 Register for free here: We look forward […]

Great News for Vancouver Builders!

Do you want to increase your allowable building size by over 450 square feet and increase potential market value by over $130,000? The Vancouver City Council recently announced new incentives to build single-family and duplex homes using Passive House standards, which reflects Net-Zero and Step-Code standards. What is Passive House?  It is a way of designing […]

Code Report for Canada & USA!

Airfoam is excited to announce major updates to many products’ Code Compliance for both Canada and the USA! The new Code Compliance Research Report (CCRR-0379) by Intertek covers: Korolite EPS Types and applications, Airboard (Vapor Barrier) Types, and Geofoam Types. The report allows customers and building code officials to easily chose and approve these products […]

Korolite 30-Year Limited Warranty

Airfoam is pleased to extend a 30-Year Limited Warranty for Korolite® EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) including a 100% R-value warranty. While EPS uses air as insulator many competing insulation materials off-gas the refrigerant greenhouse gases they use so their warranties usually only cover 80-90% of the R-value they advertise. The Korolite® EPS warranty is intended for […]